Report: Pavel Datsyuk on verge of two year agreement with SKA St. Petersburg

As the circus around Pavel Datsyuk continues, it looks like we may have received some solid news about his future. According to reports over in Russia, Pavel Datsyuk is on the verge of signing a two year contract with SKA St. Petersburg.

The report comes from Dmitry Spirin of Here is the entirety of the article courtesy of Google translate.

According to sources, 37-year-old hockey player will sign a two-year contract with the St. Petersburg CSKA after the World Cup-2016.
Earlier Datsyuk said that he could leave the NHL, despite the fact that its agreement with “Detroit” will expire only in 2017.
Paul scored on 49 points (16 + 33) in 66 regular season matches held NHL-2015/16.
“Detroit” lost “Tampa” in the series of the first round of the playoffs, allowing Datsyuk to take part in the world championships. 

The article itself is pretty sparse but many other Russian writers have said that they have heard similar rumblings. It was said that the decision would be made after the World Championships, like we had covered earlier this month but as of right now it looks like the cat is out of the bag. The Red Wings are faced with a tough situation going into next year, it won’t be an impossible task to continue their playoff streak but a new look may bode well for them. This is just the first domino to fall in a sure to be “fun filled” summer.


Shortly after the article was released a statement was made by Datsyuk’s agent about the reports.

While nothing is official just yet, it is interesting that the agent doesn’t flat out deny the report. I am sure time will tell the full story soon enough.