Red Wings parting ways with pair of veteran players

As the offseason moves forward, the Red Wings will have some tough decisions to make. Who will be signed? Who will go? Some are more of a priority then others, just where exactly does everyone stand?

First reported by Helene St. James, Brad Richards and Kyle Quincey will be going to free agency and won’t be signed before the July 1st deadline. Richards was brought in on a one year deal in hopes of pushing them over the edge and being the missing piece in their Stanley Cup puzzle. Quincey, the once high scoring defenseman has seen quite a drop off over the past couple of seasons.

I had this to say about Quincey in my Year in Review on him:

Quincey has been on the decline over the past few years, very similar to a lot of his Red Wings teammates. It is why an infusion of youth onto this team is so critical moving into next year. He isn’t the type of player that you want on the Red Wings. This isn’t just a season of regression either, this is more of a downward spiral.

It makes sense why neither of them would be brought back with such large cap hits. The door isn’t closed quite yet but don’t expect either to be back for anything more than a million or so.

A couple of other players though got some better news. Drew Miller and Darren Helm have had a couple of conversations with GM Ken Holland. In Ms. St. James’ article, Holland states that nothing is immediate and they want to see where they believe they fit in the organization.

Holland is moving quickly this offseason and is making swift decisions. Thus far, they seem to be on the right track and will improve this team in short order.