Andreas Athanasiou saves Grand Rapids season, continues to show pro ability

After the Red Wings season ended, many including myself thought that this may be the last time we hear of Andreas Athanasiou until next season. His demotion to Grand Rapids was inevitable, I just didn’t know how he would react. Little did I and others know, that he would have such an impact in his short time with the Grand Rapids Griffins this postseason.

Last night as the Griffins were up against it and were down 3-0 in the series, they needed a hero. They looked around in the third period and realized that they were down by three goals in the deciding game of the series, 4-1 is a tough score to comeback from. A little spark was given by Anthony Mantha in way of a goal and the comeback train was rolling. In the waning minutes of Game 4, Andreas Athanasiou put a stamp on the game in a very big way. He beat the red hot Joonas Korpisalo with a shot that would have beat anyone in the league. Sealing a 5-4 win for the Griffins.

This is yet another example of what Athanasiou can be to this organization, he can be that ace in the hole that has been missing from the Red Wings as of late. That role doesn’t need to be worried about now though. The goal in front of Athanasiou is the Calder Cup. His pro prospects continue to be tantalizing and make this series a must watch for everyone. The future doesn’t have to be so dim for the Wings, the calvary is coming.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Yes, Redwings and Red Wings Fans,

    go ahead and drink the NHL Kool Aid.

    They’ve wanted you to drink it al this time. The networks, the head of the nhl, all the other teams, they want you to. They all hate the wings Because they have had to live under the Red Sun—some for their entire careers.

    So go ahead—it’s ok to lose.

    But wouldnt it be fun to see them all have suck it again?

    just one more time?

    Just sayin….