Pavel Datsyuk to return after Worlds, make decision on future in Detroit

It looks like the impending decision of Pavel Datsyuk and his future may be coming sooner than we think. Datsyuk, who is currently playing in the World Championships for Russia will apparently be coming back to Detroit to make his final decision. 

First reported to the Detroit News, Holland was quoted as saying that “Pavel Datsyuk will return to Detroit after the World Championships in early June to inform the team on his decision to either return to the Red Wings for the final year of his contract in play in Russia.”

Many will be waiting on pins and needles to see what Datsyuk has to say, the decision won’t happen for a little while longer as GM Holland was quoted as saying. Our own Ryan Hana broke down for us, Datsyuk and his decision to head home to the KHL. That is, of course, if his decision remains unchanged. This decision is believed to be based on being around his daughter, who lives in Russia and is 13 years old.

It is quite interesting that he is making this decision in Detroit . He could just stay over in Russia and not have to face possibile media scrutiny. Either way, the day should be celebrated as a day to look back on Datsyuk and his storied career. Not a day to deride him and take away all he has done for the city of Detroit. 

Many in the city are split on what Datsyuk means to the organization, a move like this to thank the Red Wings organization or possibly announce a return is a good move for Datsyuk. No matter what he chooses, many will remember that he came back to let the city know of his plans. Something, they surely won’t forget.