Jonathan Ericsson embarking on new, saucy venture

I know that many of you will be clicking on this article expecting me to tell you that Jonathan Ericsson has decided to quit hockey and move onto something that fits his skillset. I actually have something that may be even better. Are you ready for it?

Jonathan Ericsson and his wife are launching a line of bearnaise sauces catered to the American marketplace! How exciting is that? Can the news get any better? You better bet your bottom dollar it can. They are using Detroit as a test market! This is all according to McGarrett, a marketing agency with offices in both Sweden and Michigan. 

For those unaware of bearnaise sauce, it is a French sauce that essentially has three ingredients depending on who you talk to. The aforementioned ingredients are, egg yolk, white wine vinegar and clarified butter. A sauce many in the United States have been clamoring for quite sometime!

In all seriousness, it is a good thing that Ericsson is diversifying and bringing something else to Detroit, other than his unique brand of play. Who knows, maybe people in Detroit will love the addition of bearnaise sauce. Maybe, we will find it as a dipping sauce for say, I don’t know, Little Caesars? The possibilities are endless. 

This is definitely one way to keep your offseason busy.