Meet Nyquist, the odds on favorite at the Kentucky Derby

While the Red Wings may be out of the playoffs, they still technically have another horse in the race (I am so sorry). He is Nyquist and he is the proverbial favorite this weekend at the Kentucky Derby.

The ties between the horse and the Motor City seem to be very tight. The Detroit Free Press caught up with Paul Reddam recently and he gave some background info on the horse:

“Both myself and Dennis, Doug and the crew, we are really riding on the horse’s coattails, It’s all about the horse, really. We are kind of a side show. He is really a magnificent animal. We are extraordinarily lucky that he is in our care. And that’s just kind of a random thing in the end. I would like to take some credit for Nyquist, but I really can take none. He’s a very special, special creature.”

Little further down in the article, he spoke about his misses when naming his horses after Red Wings players:

“I’ve had some bums that were named after Wings, In 2004, I named a horse Datsyuk, and he was a bum. We’ve had a Zetterberg, a Lidstrom, a Mrazek, a Tatar. We sold Kronwall; he was a bum.”

Reddam, who grew up in Windsor, can’t be too mad at the outcome of this Red Wing named horse. Heck, thus far, Nyquist, has won the gentleman $3.3 million dollars, maybe he will name his next set of horses after Griffins players. Probably a good omen.

Currently sitting at 3-1 odds and occupying starting gate #13, they are confident heading into Saturday.

Horse with the next closest odds? Exaggerator. That horse has 8-1 odds and will be occupying starting gate #11. People in the know have Exaggerator closing the gap before the race. 

All Red Wings fans should throw their weight behind, Nyquist, a horse that could be in for a historic Saturday.