Andreas Athanasiou sent down to Grand Rapids for playoff run

One of the more intriguing players in the entire league this past year was Andreas Athanasiou. While intriguing, he was also one of the most divisive players too. While that debate will rage on well into next season, Athanasiou was sent down to the Grand Rapids Griffins to help during their playoff run.

Athanasiou was just over a half point per game player for the Griffins this season. He is very effective when on the ice and is immediately going to be a threat when facing the Lake Erie Monsters this upcoming week. The Griffins were able to take down the Milwaukee Admirals but will need an extra gear to defeat the Monsters, who have been on a roll for the past month or so.

Scott Maxwell, a fellow writer for the Wings Nation broke down what Athanasiou has done in his time on the Red Wings thus far.

“Even though he isn’t elite yet, he certainly has shown his potential in his little ice time. He is 10th in the entire league in 5v5 P/60 with at least 300 minutes, and he is 1st in the league in 5v5 G/60. Yes, you read that right. First. Alex Ovechkin is second, if you want a comparison.”

If you can get a player like that on your minor league team, you will not only get more talent on your squad but he will also set an example for the other players on the Griffins. A real boon for the Griffs.

He should be given free reign while playing for the Griffins, something he never saw with the Red Wings. Which player is going to show up? A motivated, skilled player? Could he possibly be a player upset about his ice time in the NHL? Athanasiou has yet to voice displeasure and has looked motivated in his time with the Red Wings, so get ready to see a difference maker against the Lake Erie Monsters.