Winged Wheel Podcast – Official Offseason Preview Show


The Detroit Red Wings have been eliminated from postseason contention, and the official Winged Wheel Podcast offseason content has begun. Brad, Evan, and Ryan look back at what went wrong, look forward at what needs to be done, and look deep within themselves to realize their true potential as Z-List podcasters. With a new apparel run going out, talks of a pineapple resurfacing, and continued playoff predictions being spewed, this is an episode you will not want to miss. 

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  • PunkChildP

    I have a recurring vision of this season:
    Babcock donning a parachute, yelling geronimooooo! and jumping from flaming B-17 bomber while Blashill sits at the controls of the gently falling plane.

    • Holland being mad in just an act.
    He has rope-a-doped the team along at a minimum rate and finally after these years has to start acting or actually miss the playoffs

    • Holland should certainly pick up Stamkos if available, but the main focus should be the defense—and not another “experienced” veteran.
    (Isnt that a Elton John song? “Kenny and the Vets?)

    • Jimmy Howard is going to make someone a great goalie. especially when we see him on a team with an actual defense.

    • With Datsyuks departure two men carry on the Yzerman era: Zetterburg and Cleary

    Great site, great podcast.

    Maybe Bubbles from trailer park boys for a guest. Heard he taught Gretzky everything he knows.