WWYDW: What would you do with Anthony Mantha?

Anthony Mantha’s a hot topic right now. 

Stuck in the minors with Grand Rapids, he’s gotta feel like he can be making a contribution to a team down 3-1 in the series.

For whatever reason, the Wings coaching staff and management group don’t feel the same.

So what would you do with Anthony Mantha? Both now, and in the future?

Today, Jeff Blashill discussed the idea of playing Mantha in the Wings playoff games… while then going to say he doesn’t think Mantha would make a legitimate impact.

To his credit, it’s not like he didn’t do the legwork about Mantha’s play in the NHL, especially on the power play.

However… the stats tend to suggest otherwise.

Last week, Ken Holland essentially threw Mantha under the bus, questioning why anyone would consider him “the answer” in Detroit. 

Sure, maybe Mantha isn’t made of magic, but there’s considerable evidence to suggest he could be making noticeable strides in the NHL playoffs if up with the Wings. With the Red Wings losing a few one goal games… 

For a formerly (still?) considered a key piece of the team’s future, this whole situation is a little… weird, to say the least.

Mantha’s still just 21, but the Wings are treading into territory where they’re risking him getting annoyed with the organization and feeling like he can start contributing to a team elsewhere.

Will he be in the NHL to start the year next season? If so, why not give him a shot now? The game plan clearly hasn’t worked out successfully, and the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. With virtually nothing to lose… why not play Anthony Mantha now and give him some much-needed playoff experience.

So, would you still call up Anthony Mantha for tomorrow’s game even if he won’t play that much? If not now, then, when? Is he a part of the organization? Would you consider trading him, seeing as the organization doesn’t value him that highly? Or would you just wait it out, and are we all overreacting?

Let us know in the comments below.

  • impishskald

    He will be part of a trade to another team as part of a package. Like other trades of the past, we will come to regret it later. I want to see Mantha in full time, I really like the kid and what he brings to the table.

  • T Ambrosini

    The pros of having Mantha play far out weighs the defensive risk he brings. This team can barely win as it is, and their defense is already horrible. Might as well go all in and play all the kids. This series is over, at least give the fans some entertainment.

    • nunyour

      Also, I agree with the writer, that management has done a real nice job of alienating this kid. Not sure what their problem is but if I were Mantha, I would probably want out. Jurco has already been ruined, and Pulk, is pretty much gone. Our best bet is to trade these guys for a 6/7 round pick. Grooming these highly touted prospect only to sell them low. The more I write, the more angry I get thinking about it.