Tomas Tatar gets locked out of home, gets help from firefighters

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We have all been there before. Locked outside of your house with nothing to do. It stinks. Most of the time you are cold and are just trying to figure out a way to occupy your time. If you are Tomas Tatar though, you enlist the help of local firefighters.

Wait, what?

Yeah, you heard me – local firefighters. According to the Royal Oaks Firefighter Facebook page, Tatar lives close by and were able to help in a moments notice. It has to be good to be a Red Wing. The Facebook page notes that “it took the combined efforts of the entire Station One crew to get him back in.” That sounds more like “Hey, Tomas Tatar is locked out of his house. Want to go see him?” Nonetheless that was a very kind gesture from the Fire Department to come help him in a stick situation.

Tatar quickly realized how nice this gesture was as he donated a signed jersey to the station. Most of the writing on the jersey isn’t legibile but at the very bottom it reads “Thanks for saving me!”. I hope he means that in a more figurative sense.

As the playoffs are about to begin, the Red Wings can use all the good vibes in the world. They’ll need it against a stout Lightning team that is looking to move past the first round with some of their best players. If I am Tatar I am trying anything to get karma on my side. This looks like it is step one.

(Featured photo courtesy of the Royal Oaks Professional Firefighter Local 431 Facebook page)