Spitball For Windfall: Time To Vote!

“What if we didn’t recklessly hit people?” That’s a fair question, Justin Abdelkader, but it’s not the type of idea that gets you promoted to the general manager’s seat here at Wings Nation. Today, it’s time to vote for your favourite trade proposal! If you remember, we asked readers for their best brainstorm a few weeks back, and these were the best five we received.

Ranker – Top 10 Lists and More

Who comes out on top? Who is out to lunch? Every vote counts; and the winner grabs a $50 Violent Gentlemen gift card, so participate! After all, the winner should be as stylin’ as they are profilin’. Let the games begin!

  • drunk_uncle_mickey

    I don’t know if we honestly need to make any trade that does not involve Howard. All respect to him, but he is to expensive to be a back up. How about Howard and a pick to Calgary for Jiri Hudler and maybe a late pick. Im all aboard this trades hype train. I am however very comfortable in my dining car on the dylan larkin railways hype train.