The Roundup

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A farewell to the Leafs Captain, what impact does Byfuglien’s new contract have on Hamhuis in Vancouver, Flames bench their young stars, Oilers playoff hopes, the NHL’s goalie interference rule, trade deadline speculation for all teams and more in this weeks Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. (Posted across all Nation Network team sites)

A farewell to Captain Dion

The Leafs best trade asset is their Cap Space

Should the Leafs just buy out Jared Cowan?

Top 5 trade destinations for Leo Komarov

Byfuglien re-signs, what does that mean for Dan Hamhuis

The Canucks should trade Radim Vrbata with or without playoffs

Flames: Hartley talks benching of 3 players

Benching stars: Hartley was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t

Comparing Byfuglien and Giordano’s new contracts

Johnny Gaudreau doesn’t score on the road

Decisions on defense: Gryba and Davidson

OilersNation ski trip recap

5 things: The case for the Oilers playoff hopes – Scrap(s) of the week

Kane vs Petrovic Round 1

Kane vs Petrovic Round 2

More from around the Network…

Jets ink ‘Big Buf’ – 5 years $38 Million

NHL needs to adjust goalie interference rule

NHL: First star, worst star of the week

NHL: Checking in with each team as trade deadline approaches

TRH: The Pacific War Room


  • The GREAT Walter White

    Dear Mr Bettman.

    Please put some safeguard in place NOW so that the Oilers don’t pick top 3 in the draft again…..

    Thank you

    WW (and 29 GMs in the league)

    • For Pete's Sake!

      When the Oilers were the best team in the NHL in the 80’s the league passed an “Anti-Oiler” rule to prevent them from scoring so many goals in 4 on 4 penalty situations.

      Now that the Oilers are the worst team in the NHL you want to pass an “Anti-Oiler” rule to prevent them from getting high draft picks.

      What is with all this Oiler hate in the league?? I’ve never heard anyone complaining when any other team scores too many goals in certain situations or gets a few high draft picks in a row for being a poor team as Chicago and Pittsburg did a few years ago when they drafted all their stars.

      Stop whining with this stupid mantra of yours Walter. It’s getting old.

      Hell, maybe we should start a campaign for a new rule that short guys can’t play in 3 on 3 overtime because Johnny Hockey’s too good at it.

      • Canrock 78

        The Oiler hate is for the trolls on the other nation boards. We all have our idiots but the oiler trolls are relentless if you guys learn some humility maybe you would get some respect from other fans.
        To the real hockey fans in Edmonton that have suffered for so many years I hope you get your a$$ out of the basement And start winning some games.

      • Rockmorton65

        It’s one thing when a team drafts in the top ten 2-3 years in a row, and then starts to get better and begins to assemble a team that will be competitive. Every year they, hopefully, add pieces to improve the team until they are contenders.

        The problem is not the Oilers getting “high” draft picks, it’s that they have had, like, six or seven consecutive top ten picks, including four first overalls and are STILL in the bloody basement.

        It is becoming, in my opinion, detrimental to the league to have so many potential shining stars stuck in a culture of losing. The league needs to step in and prevent any team from benefitting from extended losing. It’s kindergarten simple. If you draft first overall one year, you cannot draft higher than fifth overall for the next two years. Easy peasy.

      • #12MorrisLukowich

        What gets my goat with the Oilers is that we have the potential to see some amazing hockey but the potential of these players are being pissed away by poor management and coaching.

        MacTavish and Lowe should be perma-banned from managing another team again. “Great, we got the #1 pick! Wait, we *have* to draft more players in the other rounds? KEVIN! Get the monkey and the dartboard!”

        And what the heck was with the swarm defence by Eakins? “Hey, everyone just ignore the other team and just chase the puck.” Watching the Oilers execute the swarm defence is like watching 5 Bartkowskis trying to play defence.

        If the Oilers used their top draft picks well, they’d be well away from winning any future lotteries and there would be no complaints. But instead, we keep seeing them get the top picks and watching them flounder like Yakupov or get bounced around like Draisaitl. We’re missing out on great hockey.

    • From an Oilers fan!

      From an Oiler fan I totally agree with. Enough is enough. Tired of being the butt end of jokes when I cant retaliate. Not much pride if one thinks otherwise.

      • You can trash me all day. I don’t care. It’s us against the world Oiler fans and that’s how I and I bet alot if other fans in Edmonton feel.

        Let’s imagine for a minute that the Oilers didn’t win the first three lotteries and we only won the McDavid one. The whole hockey world, especially the Toronto market, would be s***ing allover us anyway. This isn’t about the four lotteries they won, this is about a market they don’t like getting something truly great and it bothers them. So they resort to getting personal and singling our market out as the problem. And that pisses me off.

        Do I wish the Oilers weren’t in a lottery pick position year after year? Of course I do. I think it’s pathetic, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go along with this self loathing BS and agree with these idiots who disrespect not only my team, but this entire market.

  • Canrock 78

    Agreed we should start a petition. We know MR Bettman will cave to public pressure.

    If fans voting can get John Scott into the ASG Im sure we can put some pressure on the league to fix this repeating disaster.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Eliminate the entry draft and make all eligible 18 year olds free agents in an open market that allows every team to have a crack at them. Schedule the FA frenzy for 18 year olds a week or two before regular FA frenzy so teams can position themselves for 01 July.

    The solution is not making rules and more rules. It is to fix what is broken.

  • flames2015

    Saw an article this morning on sportsnet, NHL Roundtable on trades they would like to see happen. They have Hudler and Kris Russell going to the Dallas Stars for Valeri Nichushkin in return. If there’s any slight chance that this could happen, Flames need to do it. He’s 20 years old, 6’4, 205lbs, former 10th overall pick and is a RW. He would still be under an EC until next year, which is also favorable. Plauged with some injuries in the last 2 years but I can see his speed and skill being great within our top two lines.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    To further piss off the Leaves Groupies and the Toronto Media, the Oilers will win the lottery even thou the Leaves will finish dead last in the league.

    • MontanaMan

      As much as I hate the Oilers, I hate the Leafs even more. I’m tired of TSN, Don Cherry and the Leaf love in 24/7. Never has a franchise so pathetic garnered this kind of publicity.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Yari Yanover wrote an article @ Flame Nation about how he felt the aged Giordano’s 6 year contract was a better ‘DEAL’ than Big Buff’s well…
    You’re hilarious Ari…Giordano the better contract??..LOL!…There are a few deluded Flame fans here in Wpg. too who think that way…he’ll turn 33 when it KICKS IN !…OMG !..YOU @ Calgary Nation think that THAT is a GOOD CONTRACT !!??…they’ll be carrying Giordano off the ice when his shiny new contract begins because his oxygen tanks will be too heavy to carry under his jersey…Where do you guys get this stuff ????…Buff can skate through Giordana and TJ while both are strapped to his back and he’ll be that way until at least age 35…give your collective heads a shake Flame Nation…Giordano’s beginning will almost be at Buff’s ending age…face it you’re STUCK with this overblown, aged Dman’s contract…after next year, if and a big IF he can ever play a full season, not even Edmonton will take him off your hands…LMFAO!!!!

  • Marty

    Oilers and Flames nations, relax. both your teams are fine. they both have great upside. Flames nation stop trashing on Monahan and Oilers nation you need to draft out of the top 5. no offense but no one wants to see Edmonton drafting high anymore, a nice 6th to 12th pick could do you good, look where Nurse went in the draft – beauty pick