Winged Wheel Podcast: D-Boss Nation


Mostly stupid and unintentionally funny. That was probably the best description I’ve ever heard about our little podcast and it came from one of our hosts. Thanks, Ryan!

We are the Winged Wheel Podcast! A weekly Detroit Red Wings Podcast run by three lovable idiots: Ryan Hana, Evan Lobsinger & myself Brad Krysko.

We are extremely excited to be joining The Nation Network and look forward to annoying you all in our own unique way! Every Tuesday evening, we get together and talk about the week that was in the Hockey world and primarily the world of the Winged Wheel. Hence, the super clever title of our show so anyways, here’s all the places you can find us:

Now that I’ve bored you with our spam, I’ll let you get a feel for what we’re about as we’ve just uploaded our most recent episode: D-Boss Nation. Enjoy.

 – Brad Krysko, new contributor to The Wings Nation. (That felt neat to say)