CONTEST: Spitball for Windfall

The trade deadline is upon us! We’re about a month away from the extravaganza turning into actual transactions, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a bunch of speculation along the way. With that speculation comes a lot of spitballing; after all, what’s the point of trade rumours if you can’t attempt to look smarter than Kenny Holland and the gang?

With that all of that considered, we have a bit of a game for you.

We want to hear your best trade proposals. Not just something you stole off HFBoards (Connor McDavid probably costs more than a 7th round pick and Drew Miller), but one with genuine thought. Tell us the trade you’d make, and why it would make sense for both sides. Pretty simple, am I right?


Of course, doing such a thing takes several moments of your time, so we’re going to put something at stake: a $50 Violent Gentleman gift card. That way you can be topical, intelligent, and super stylish at the same time! For $50, you can grab an Enforce Detroit shirt and a Wilson Tee in Red Wings colours and still have some pocket change to spare; or, you know, anything else on the site that your heart desires.

To enter, simply leave a comment here, or send us a tweet at @thewingsnation with the hashtag #Spitball4Windfall. Good luck!

  • boknowes

    Huge Oilers and Redwings fan, here is my trade proposal.

    To Edmonton;

    Jakub Kindl and Darren Helm

    To Detroit;

    Justin Schultz and Matt Hendricks

    The two D involved both need a fresh start in a new organization. Schultz is effective in a 2nd or 3rd pairing role. Kindl would help an inexperienced Oilers D core.

    Helm helps Oilers as 3rd and or 4th line C depth replacing Lander, providing some extra offense.

    Hendricks helps fill the gap left by Johan F being on long-term IR. Can score, great leader on ice, plays big and is tough!