A Call To Arms

Photo Credit: Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

Hey, everybody! It’s been a few days since WingsNation has launched. We’ve had the chance to watch a game together, talk about a trade, and even gush about how great Dylan Larkin is. It’s a heck of a start, but we want to make sure that this site becomes your primary source of information on the Red Wings that you love.

With that said, we’re requesting your help as we attempt to make that a reality.

So far, we’ve assembled a bit of a staff; a few of them being familiar faces from other platforms while others are network mainstays who were itching at the opportunity to cover a team that wins hockey games sometimes.

But we’d like to expand on that; especially if you can combine a genuine passion for the team with a knack for putting your words out in written fashion. We’re open to all types of coverage, but things that we’d particularly love to have include.

  • Somebody who devotes a lot of their attention to the Grand Rapids Griffins
  • Somebody who devotes a lot of their attention to Detroit’s non-AHL prospects
  • People who would be interested in helping with post-game recaps
  • Critical thinkers who want to do more in-depth analysis. Something a little more than pouring a bunch of stats and graphs onto to a page; we want people who are willing to ask unique questions to themselves, pursue more knowledge, leave more room to build on it, and present what they’ve found.
  • Breaking news helpers; people who can come in with quick analysis as stories go down.

If any of these sound like things that you’d be able to help out with, or if you have an out-of-the-box angle that you feel you’d be able to contribute on a consistent basis, feel free to contact me with some examples of prior work at jeff@veillette.me. Keep in mind that we would be looking for a minimum contribution of a post per week and due our extremely young age, are largely looking for volunteers.

From personal experience, writing on the Nation Network, on the whole, is a fantastic opportunity for anybody looking to increase their profile. I started as a volunteer on The Leafs Nation back in 2012. Doing so gave me access to a much bigger audience than I had previously, which has lead to a ton of unique opportunities and a bigger position within the Network. Several major media outlets and hockey teams in the NHL and CHL have hired staff straight from the Nation Network; many others have parlayed their work here into occasional opportunities elsewhere as well. I can’t recommend the experience of being here enough, from a personal perspective.

if you’re unable to contribute to the site, I’d still like to hear from you as to what you’d like to read! There’s no point in us putting out work that doesn’t interest the people who attempt to pay attention to it, so the more we know about what our readers want, the better!

I’ll be in touch with everybody who reaches out, be it to apply or to leave their opinion, over the next few days. Don’t hesitate to contact me sooner than later! In the meantime, stay tuned for a ton of fun content tomorrow as the Wings take on the Flyers.