Gold Medal Comes Down to Heavyweight Rivals US and Canada

Megan Kim
January 05 2017 05:20PM

It's the last day of World Juniors, which means that after tonight, we'll all have to wait a whole year for the Canadian populace to stake their entire nation's hopes and dreams on the shoulders of a teenaged goaltender. 

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Enemies with Benefits

Jayson Spikes
January 05 2017 02:54PM

Last Saturday saw the clash of hockey super powers in the form of Canada vs. USA at the World Juniors, with the Americans skating away with a 3-1 win and first place in Group B. This was a game hyped by many as being only the most recent in a long series of what has apparently become the Biggest Rivalry in International Hockey.

This is far from the only rivalry in hockey; other examples come to mind immediately: Canada vs. Russia, Sweden vs. Finland, Toronto vs. Montreal, Montreal vs. Boston, Edmonton vs. Calgary, and Crosby vs. Ovechkin.

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CGD: For all the golden marbles (Canada/USA)

Jeff Veillette
January 05 2017 02:00PM

Welp, this is it. Rebounding quite nicely off of a disappointing 2016 tournament, and doing well to pull themselves out of a tough spot against the Swedes last night, the Canadians will take on the United States of America in an epic grudge match at the Bell Centre, to decide the Gold Medal Winner at the 2017 World Juniors. Here's what's going down tonight.

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Wings Postgame: Kase Klosed

Scott Maxwell
January 04 2017 11:21PM

Photo via Getty Images

After an almost comeback against the Leafs, the Wings looked to use that little bit of momentum to have a solid California trip. And so, they started by doing nothing at all, and lost 2-0 to the Ducks.

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Americans advance to WJC final

Adam Laskaris
January 04 2017 04:18PM


They don't ask how, they ask how many.

A perfect round robin, a squeaky quarterfinal win and the tightest possible semi-final win?

Whatever the case, the Americans are headed to their first WJC Final since their gold medal win in 2013.

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