Winged Wheel Podcast - Sell, Sell, Sell

Brad Krysko
January 15 2017 02:56PM


Sell, sell, sell! The Winged Wheel Podcast is fully-staffed and fully committed to the tank. Disagree? Listen in and see why you're wrong! Note: This podcast has been rated as "the top podcast ever recorded in Breslau, Ontario" by Brad's wife, Crystal.

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On Violence: Steve Downie and Toxic Culture in Hockey

Curtis LeBlanc
January 15 2017 11:27AM

There is a big part of me that has always wanted to view hockey as a sport for good people. 

The motivation for this is, at least in part, self-serving. I devote many hours of my time every year to hockey. I watch well over 82 games a season and there are hockey-based publications I read every day. I find myself emotionally involved in the fate of my team. I get excited by the potential for improvement in every offseason.

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Postgame: Red Wings take it to Penguins, win 6-3

Adam Laskaris
January 14 2017 08:14PM

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Where did this team come from?

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WGD: GAME 43: 🐙 vs. 🐧

Brock Seguin
January 14 2017 12:18PM

I hate to break it you guys, but in case you didn’t already realize it, the streak is going to die in 2017. The Red Wings dropped another game on Thursday and now sit DEAD LAST in the Eastern Conference at 17-19-6 (40 points).

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Quantifying the Value of a 'Shootout Specialist'

Cam Lewis
January 13 2017 07:06PM

This is an article guest written by Andrew Kerison of Original Six Analyitcs. You can follow Andrew @OrgSixAnalytics or visit his website at

Troy Terry. Jonathan Toews. T.J. Oshie. These names are all recognizable in part because of a heroic shootout performance they each have put on for their country. Troy Terry was the most recent, scoring three goals in the USA World Junior semi-final win over Russia, and ultimately being the sole scorer in the championship game, winning Team USA a gold medal over Team Canada. 

Due to shootouts being the subject of many conversations over the last couple weeks, I found myself wondering: for an NHL team, what exactly is it worth to have a shootout specialist in your line up? Should every team have one? Or is it a ‘nice to have’, merely a secondary consideration when evaluating players? 

So let’s see if we can figure it out. 

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