Wings Postgame: Worst Disney Movie Ever

Jeff Veillette
January 23 2016 10:22PM

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports

There was a chance that the Anaheim Ducks weren't even going to be able to show up for tonight's game. With snowmageddon hitting Washington, DC yesterday evening, the team begged and pleaded with the NHL to move up the start time of the game so they'd have a fighting chance of skipping down before two feet of the cold powdery white stuff got in the way of their ride to Hockeytown. The league obliged, though the Wings probably wished that they didn't, as the end result was a 4-3 loss for the home side.

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5 things: The Jimmy Howard question

Ryan Lambert
January 23 2016 12:55PM

1. Facing reality

Okay so here we are, dealing with a situation in which the Detroit Red Wings have their No. 1 goaltender and it is very clearly not the guy they're paying close to $5.3 million against the cap until 2019.

This happens occasionally: A team will have a good goalie signed for a while and then someone new comes along and makes them say, "Ah, hmm, well we can't let that other guy be the goalie any more." Except in the case of Roberto Luongo and the tire fire situation that led him out of Vancouver (and the Canucks going from having three apparently viable goaltenders to maybe one in the course of like 150 games), it's also not personal.

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Brock Seguin
January 23 2016 08:06AM


Less than 24 hours after the Red Wings dismantled the Sabres in the third period to win 3-0, they are back in Detroit to take on the Anaheim Ducks. 

Anaheim was supposed to be playing in the second game of a back-to-back as well, but their game on Friday was cancelled due to a winter storm in Washington D.C. 

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Wings Postgame: Best For Last

Jeff Veillette
January 22 2016 09:49PM

While you could have reasonably come into this game expecting the Detroit Red Wings to easily overpower the Buffalo Sabres, you can never be too sure of anything in the modern NHL. Even the bad teams aren't that much worse than the good ones, and a hot goalie can get you a long way. Brian Elliott the other night was an example of the latter, though admittedly, the Blues were a better team.

For a while, it looked like Robin Lehner may have been set to do the same. Thankfully, the Wings saved their best offensive moments for the very end, feasting on a seen opportunity and turning it into a 3-0 win.

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Red Wings place Joakim Andersson on Waivers

Jeff Veillette
January 22 2016 12:25PM

Joakim Andersson has been able to call himself a permanent graduate of the Grand Rapids Griffins for three seasons now, but that run might be coming to an end within the next 24 hours. The Detroit Red Wings have placed the Swedish forward on waivers as of earlier this afternoon.

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