Wings Postgame: 20/40 Vision

Jeff Veillette
March 15 2016 09:40PM

The Detroit Red Wings needed to win this game. It wasn't a "would be nice". It was vital. Win in regulation and you're five points clear of the Flyers. Lose, and you add to their hot streak and get them within leapfrog distance with two games in hand.

The boys with the Winged Wheels on their chest played well enough for forty minutes and kept this game vaguely interesting. But a first period where they may as well have not have shown up decided the team's fate in what became a 4-3 loss.

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What to Expect: Anthony Mantha

Brad Krysko
March 15 2016 02:27PM

We have arrived at the moment many Red Wings fans have been waiting for, even pleading for. Anthony Mantha will make his NHL debut Tuesday night against the Philadelphia Flyers. To make it all the more intriguing, he’ll be doing it in easily the most crucial game of the Wings season thus far.

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Brock Seguin
March 15 2016 08:18AM


There is no way to dance around this… the Red Wings have to win tonight. After an embarrassing 1-0 shutout loss to the last placed Toronto Maple Leafs, the Red Wings enter Tuesday with a three-point lead over the Philadelphia Flyers, but the Flyers have two games in hand. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.39.57 AM

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Wings Call Up Anthony Mantha From Griffins

Jeff Veillette
March 14 2016 11:32AM

Amidst a playoff push, the Detroit Red Wings are giving fans a little bit of a youth movement taste. Today, the organization called up top prospect Anthony Mantha from the Grand Rapids Griffins, amidst speculation that a couple of forwards could be questionable for Tuesday's game.

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Wings Postgame: Pain In The Ass

Jeff Veillette
March 13 2016 09:06PM

Photo Credit: Rick Ostenski/USA TODAY SPORTS

You'd think that a game against a 30th place team that just celebrated their biweekly token victory a few days ago would be an easy one, but as it turns out, the Toronto Maple Leafs had other plans. The Detroit Red Wings left his one with bruised egos, bruised limbs, and another bruise on their record after being shut out 1-0 on a heartbreaker of a Sunday night.

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