Red Wings sign Nick Jensen to two-year extension

Sam Blazer
February 27 2017 09:31AM

As trades are going down all over the NHL, the Red Wings took a second to make sure that everything within the organization was set up for the long haul. 

They took a step towards solid play by signing defender Nick Jensen to a two-year deal worth $800k in his first year and $825k in his second year. Both numbers are great considering how Jensen has played thus far.

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The Nation Notebook: Wild acquire Hanzal, Kings confuse with Bishop trade, Eaves and Jurco move

Christian Pagnani
February 27 2017 07:00AM


The Nation Network Notebook is a regular feature that rounds up interesting news, stories, and rumours from around the NHL that don't quite deserve their own article.

The trades have begun. After a inactive start to the season, actual moves have been made with real impact players. Patrick Eaves and Tomas Jurco were sent to Anaheim and Chicago last Friday night. Los Angeles acquired Ben Bishop? Martin Hanzal gets released from the shackles of the Arizona Coyotes and irrelevant hockey.

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Red Wings Selling But The Summer Extensions Continue To Haunt

Greg Brady
February 27 2017 06:36AM

There's often a "middle ground" when something doesn't work out in a professional relationship.  It's hardly a universal principle that there's only blame to shared one way, and not the other.

Take the case of Tomas Jurco, now a Chicago Blackhawk, as the Hawks are going shopping to fortify the supply shelf for a run at a fourth Stanley Cup title since 2010, while the Red Wings gear up for a remarkably unusual confluence of events, and that means selling assets for futures for, truly the first time since the spring of 1990. Even in 1991, when the Red Wings made a first-round exit to St. Louis after a hard-fought seven-game series, they went out and acquired a veteran defenceman like Doug Crossman, and a scoring winger like Kevin Miller (whom they'd later flip for Dino Ciccarelli), GM Bryan Murray had genuine interest in the "now" and not the future.

Times have changed, and while the Red Wings have certainly earned all applause for a quarter-century playoff run, and the four Stanley Cup wins, and the other two Final appearances in 1995 and 2009 to boot, it became quite clear quite early what this team would need to do this time of year for the first time since Red Wings general manager Ken Holland was in that office, or even a high-level Red Wings employee.

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Winged Wheel Podcast - Trade Deadline Preview

Brad Krysko
February 26 2017 03:29PM


The Trade Deadline is here, and for the first time in seemingly forever, the Detroit Red Wings are sellers! Tune in as Brad, Evan, and Ryan hammer out their dream world of what can be had for the Red Wings' clearance items. Also of note: the mumps, Jenny McCarthy, and the Winged Wheel Podcast's apparent inability to remember any important anniversaries or milestones. Cheers to our incredible fans, listeners, and stalkers!

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Kyle Krische
February 25 2017 03:01PM

“Yeah, but this year is a weak draft.”

We’ve all heard this a hundred times already. Whether it’s a TSN Insider, hockey Twitter, some bogus blog or that dummy you work with who has a Leafs tattoo, everyone seems certain this draft is unusually terrible. Granted, there isn’t an Auston Matthews this year, there certainly isn’t a Connor McDavid and there might not even be an Aaron Ekblad out there up for grabs this time around. Does that automatically mean this draft is terrible or simply that it just hasn’t been as good as the previous few years? I think it’s more realistic that a Matthews, Laine or McDavid is the exception here and not the rule when looking at a top five pick and thus this draft should be viewed with a much wider scope. That is to say, this might not be a weak draft, it may just be a return to normal. The myth of the 'bad draft' is exactly what the Red Wings need to exploit immediately to kick-stick this rebuild. 

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