Red Wings sign Nick Jensen to two-year extension

Sam Blazer
February 27 2017 09:31AM

As trades are going down all over the NHL, the Red Wings took a second to make sure that everything within the organization was set up for the long haul. 

They took a step towards solid play by signing defender Nick Jensen to a two-year deal worth $800k in his first year and $825k in his second year. Both numbers are great considering how Jensen has played thus far.

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Three worse giveaways than Petr Mrazek's from Tuesday night

Sam Blazer
February 23 2017 02:25PM

Screenshot 2017-02-23 15.38.11

Whenever a goalie plays the puck, coaches and fans alike hold their collective breath for the worst. Normally it just leads to a ring around the boards and not much comes of it. In the case of Petr Mrazek this past Tuesday, he played the puck and gave it straight to Josh Bailey for an easy goal.

It was a terrible blunder and a bad look in a year full of them for the Wings. In reality though, it isn't that bad. 

I'm being serious.

That's why I am here to show you three worse giveaways than what Petr Mrazek did the other night.

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On the block: Mike Green

Sam Blazer
February 13 2017 01:17PM

Removed from his days where he played for the Washington Capitals, Mike Green isn't the same player he once was. That doesn't mean that Green isn't a fantastic player in his own right. One of the best offensive defensemen for a period of time, flashes of it are still there.

The question remains, can he still be a number one defender in this league? Does he still have the skills to make it happen?

At his age it is a legitimate question that needs to be answered. How long can he perform at this level? Any team taking on his contract needs to have faith in his skill set.

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Postgame: Born to be wild

Sam Blazer
February 12 2017 05:24PM

After playing in an afternoon affair last night against the Blue Jackets, the Red Wings had to try and find their feet against the Minnesota Wild. Another day time game could spell doom for the team and it ended up going just about how it was planned.

How can you expect a team to play twice in less than 24 hours time. Heavy legs and a heavy heart is a damn tough mix.

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On the block: Petr Mrazek

Sam Blazer
February 08 2017 08:00AM

When someone has a hot hand as a goaltender, it doesn't matter if your name is Ken Dryden or Patrick Roy. You can very easily be replaced. In the case of Petr Mrazek, he was the presumed starter for the Red Wings and it looked like Jimmy Howard was going to stay as his back up. 

As Howard continued to impress, it became more and more obvious that the Wings weren't going to play favorites. They were going to stick to the hot hand no matter what. Howard played a fair amount of games at the beginning of the season as Mrazek floundered.

Now it looks like Mrazek is playing like his normal self. Howard is returning from injury and the Wings are about to have a decision to make. 

Are they really going to end up choosing the aging Howard over the emerging Mrazek? Crazier decisions have been made by this front office.

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