Game 1 Lightning/Red Wings -- My Ten Takeaways

Greg Brady
April 14 2016 08:40AM

Last night's Red Wings game saw them fall by a 3-2 score to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first game of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There was some good, some bad, and a lot of mediocre.

Here's my list of "Ten Things I'm Sure Of" after watching Game 1 of Lightning/Red Wings:

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On Datsyuk's Departure and What's Ahead for the Red Wings

Greg Brady
April 10 2016 11:59AM

The extension of the Detroit Red Wings' playoff streak and the excitement of also having a much more (on paper, anyway) beneficial matchup with the first-round rematch against the Tampa Bay Lightning is good news. Or, at least, fun news, certainly opposed to one of the best regular season teams in the past decade in the Washington Capitals. But that fun certainly gets tempered with the seeming confirmation of a long-standing, yet underplayed rumour concerning one of their stars, and an eventual Hockey Hall of Famer.

Pavel Datsyuk has played his last regular season game ever in the NHL, and with the Detroit Red Wings.

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The Long-Term Financial Impact of a Playoff Push

Greg Brady
April 05 2016 01:58PM

There once was a time when Games 80-82 carried little weight for the Detroit Red Wings.  Sure, there'd be the odd contest in the late going where players were aiming for milestones, and there might be occasional jockeying for seeding, I suppose. But given the Red Wings, during their 24-season playoff streak, have posted up 17 100-point seasons, 14 division titles, and 6 President's Trophy seasons, the last few games are really about fine tuning and rest.

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The 89-90 Red Wings: The Unmentioned Wings Season

Greg Brady
March 30 2016 05:42PM

Five games remain in the Red Wings' quest, not only to make the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs but to extend what's become known in Detroit as "the streak".  We all love to debate streaks in sports, be it for individuals and teams alike, but the merits of this particular one in Detroit are now being frequently debated and have been for the past three seasons, with playoffs anything but a certainty.

A playoff berth this year, regardless of how long it extends their season -- and three of the past four seasons, they've made first-round exits (the franchise is 15-23 in their past 38 playoff games, dating back to Spring 2011) -- matters a lot more to some Red Wings fans than it does others.

Well, this weekend marks the 26-year anniversary of the final regular season game of the last Red Wings to actually miss the playoffs, the 1989-90 Red Wings.  I thought it'd be interesting to flashback and look at why this team missed, despite having a superstar in his prime, plenty of complimentary talent, and a head coach who'd win the Stanley Cup a mere three years later.

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Exploding Some March 26th Myths!

Greg Brady
March 26 2016 05:00PM

Today is the 19th anniversary of maybe, just maybe, the most recognized regular-season game in modern NHL franchise history.  Is there another?  Another regular season game as celebrated by a fanbase?  Especially one that has little to do with any sort of individual achievement?

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