Game 4 Lightning/Red Wings - My Ten Takeaways

Greg Brady
April 20 2016 10:30AM

Well, extremely long odds now for the Red Wings to be headed into a second-round matchup with either the New York Islanders (man, would that have been intriguing) or the Florida Panthers (slightly less intriguing).  And is it all because the puck on Dylan Larkin's backhand lob bounced off the right goalpost at just slightly the wrong trajectory and stayed out of the net behind Ben Bishop, with under eight minutes left.  Can't alter that time-space continuum thing, can you?  

Here's my ten takeaways from Game 4, with elimination looming in Tampa on Thursday night:

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Game 3 Lightning/Red Wings - My 10 Takeaways

Greg Brady
April 18 2016 10:00AM

Well, it seems we have a series to dig into now.  After losing 13 of the previous 17 playoff games, and scoring 2 goals or fewer in 14 of the previous 18, the Red Wings did neither on Sunday night in a Game 3 shutout victory, ensuring a Game 5 in Tampa on Thursday and seeing Jeff Blashill's lineup changes either praised, because they had a positive effect on Game 3, or mocked because they should have taken place earlier in this series -- like, you know, when it started.  My ten takeaways from Game 3:

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Game 2 Lightning/Red Wings - My Ten Takeaways

Greg Brady
April 16 2016 08:24AM

The Red Wings were in the same place, at nearly the same point in the contest, in Game 2 in Tampa, as they were in Game 1 in Tampa. Tied at 2.  Chances for both teams.  All to play for.

Unfortunately, for the Red Wings, they find themselves down 2-0 in the series, headed back for a Sunday evening contest at Joe Louis Arena, and needing to win four of the next five against a Lightning team, that as it did last year, may be growing more emboldened and confident with each victory.

Here's "Ten Things I'm Sure Of" after Game 2's 5-2 defeat, and in advance of Game 3.

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Game 1 Lightning/Red Wings -- My Ten Takeaways

Greg Brady
April 14 2016 08:40AM

Last night's Red Wings game saw them fall by a 3-2 score to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first game of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

There was some good, some bad, and a lot of mediocre.

Here's my list of "Ten Things I'm Sure Of" after watching Game 1 of Lightning/Red Wings:

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On Datsyuk's Departure and What's Ahead for the Red Wings

Greg Brady
April 10 2016 11:59AM

The extension of the Detroit Red Wings' playoff streak and the excitement of also having a much more (on paper, anyway) beneficial matchup with the first-round rematch against the Tampa Bay Lightning is good news. Or, at least, fun news, certainly opposed to one of the best regular season teams in the past decade in the Washington Capitals. But that fun certainly gets tempered with the seeming confirmation of a long-standing, yet underplayed rumour concerning one of their stars, and an eventual Hockey Hall of Famer.

Pavel Datsyuk has played his last regular season game ever in the NHL, and with the Detroit Red Wings.

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