WGD: Game 40: Shark Bait

Adam Laskaris
January 07 2017 08:03PM

Well, it's the end of this always-daunting West Coast Cali trip... before games against the Blackhawks, Stars, and Penguins. 

If there's such thing as a must-win at this point in the season, this could be it. The Wings are rapidly seeing themselves fall out of the playoff picture and their recent stretch of performances are suggesting this may be the year we see the evergreen playoff streak finally come to a close. Without further ado, here are your lineups for tonight's game.

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Postgame: Wings come out with 4-0 win over LA???

Adam Laskaris
January 06 2017 02:42AM

Win or lose, it's always important that you don't take hockey too seriously.

You're never as good as you think you are when you win, and you're never as bad as you think you are when you lose.

Well, at least that's probably what the Red Wings could be thinking tonight.

Somehow, some way, the Wings pulled off a 4-0 road win over the LA Kings.

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Americans advance to WJC final

Adam Laskaris
January 04 2017 04:18PM


They don't ask how, they ask how many.

A perfect round robin, a squeaky quarterfinal win and the tightest possible semi-final win?

Whatever the case, the Americans are headed to their first WJC Final since their gold medal win in 2013.

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Roundtable: Red Wings New Years Resolutions

Adam Laskaris
January 03 2017 10:56AM

New year, new Wings?

Today, our staff looks to tackle the resolutions we'd make for the team in 2017.

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Postgame: Leafs, Wings push dual third-period barrages in OT classic

Adam Laskaris
January 01 2017 05:03PM

The Wings and Leafs played probably the most exciting outdoor game in years. Or at least, the most exciting third period in years.

Up 1-0 after 40 minutes, many online were blaming everything from poor ice conditions to poor play for this being one of the most boring outdoor games they'd ever seen.

Then, uh, seven third period goals happened.

Though the Wings ended up losing 5-4 in overtime it's not a game they'll soon forget.

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