Wings Postgame: Unspecial teams

Adam Laskaris
April 19 2016 09:17PM

Ondrej Palat isn't the most popular guy in Detroit right now.

Tied 2-2 in the third period, Palat scored the game-winner late to put the Lightning up 3-2. 

Though the Lightning coughed up a 2-0 lead, it ultimately wasn't fatal for Tampa Bay as the Wings now sit behind 3-1 in the series.

Game 4's often considered the most crucial game in a series, and with good reason. It's not over yet... 

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Wings Game 3 Report Card: Have Your Say!

Adam Laskaris
April 18 2016 02:37PM

 It's been almost a full day since that win last night. Feels good, don't it?

After having some time to assess the highlights, sober up a bit and think again about that AA spin or Mrazek getting the shutout, have your say about who you liked and didn't like in the Game 3 Report Card.

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Wings Game 2 Report Card: Have Your Say!

Adam Laskaris
April 16 2016 09:44AM

So, not a great showing for the Wings last night. Or was it?

Anyone stand out to you? Anyone play abysmal? Now a Lightning fan (of various kinds?)

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WN Roundtable: What's one thing the Wings need to change to have the best chance to win the series?

Adam Laskaris
April 15 2016 03:39PM

The Wings head into a crucial Game 2 tonight. Win, and they're heading back to Motown with a tied series and momentum on their side.

Lose, and they're in need of winning four of their next five games to move on, a task not impossible but certainly daunting.

However, many of us feel that the Red Wings aren't set up in a way that's best suited for them to achieve success.

On today's roundtable, we tackle the question:

What's one thing the Wings need to change to have the best chance to win the series?

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WWYDW: How would you handle the goaltending situation in the playoffs?

Adam Laskaris
April 13 2016 10:39AM

Who's the Wings number one goalie? No but seriously, who is it? On today's What Would you Do Wednesday, we look at the Wings tandem and ask you about your opinions.

Long gone are the days of Hasek and Osgood, but the Wings face an age old question- is the right guy in net?

Jimmy Howard is the confirmed starter for Game 1 tonight against the Lightning, but the decision might be a pretty surprising move to some.

Howard played 37 games this season to Petr Mrazek's 54, and his .906 save percentage falls behind Mrazek's .921. Howard might have more playoff experience, but I think we've seen enough relatively inexperienced goalies do well in the playoffs by now to know that's pretty archaic thinking. Plus, Mrazek took the nod seven times in last year's playoffs after winning the net in the latter part of last season.

Howard has had a more accomplished NHL career, but clearly Mrazek's been better statistically over the past two years. So what do you do?

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