WWYDW: How would you handle the goaltending situation in the playoffs?

Adam Laskaris
April 13 2016 10:39AM

Who's the Wings number one goalie? No but seriously, who is it? On today's What Would you Do Wednesday, we look at the Wings tandem and ask you about your opinions.

Long gone are the days of Hasek and Osgood, but the Wings face an age old question- is the right guy in net?

Jimmy Howard is the confirmed starter for Game 1 tonight against the Lightning, but the decision might be a pretty surprising move to some.

Howard played 37 games this season to Petr Mrazek's 54, and his .906 save percentage falls behind Mrazek's .921. Howard might have more playoff experience, but I think we've seen enough relatively inexperienced goalies do well in the playoffs by now to know that's pretty archaic thinking. Plus, Mrazek took the nod seven times in last year's playoffs after winning the net in the latter part of last season.

Howard has had a more accomplished NHL career, but clearly Mrazek's been better statistically over the past two years. So what do you do?

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Datsyuk says he's not "100 percent" set on playing in Russia next year

Adam Laskaris
April 11 2016 11:53AM

So uhh... maybe Pavel Datsyuk isn't leaving the Red Wings following the playoffs after all? The key word, however, is maybe.

Datsyuk held a press conference today, where he said a lot of things.

The most important thing, though was this short quote:

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WN Roundtable: If they make it into the playoffs, can the Wings actually do any damage?

Adam Laskaris
April 08 2016 04:01PM

The Wings have been really silly the last few weeks. From playoff faves to potentially missing, they've had a real up and down last little bit. Today, our staff tackles the question: If they make it into the playoffs, can the Wings actually do any damage?

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WWYDW: What lineup change would you make for the rest of the season?

Adam Laskaris
April 06 2016 02:28PM


Do-or-die time, baby. With three games to go in the season, everyone knows what the Wings need to do from here on out. But how to get that job done? It's not exactly clear, and everyone from your grandma to your barber has opinions on how to set the lineup to secure a playoff spot. 

In the first-ever What Would You Do Wednesday on WingsNation, we leave it up to the people of the internet to decide* what Detroit's lineup should look like over the next few games.

*Actual Wings lineup may vary. 

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How Pavel Datsyuk's departure could affect the Red Wings

Adam Laskaris
April 04 2016 07:00AM

The time is nearing when Pavel Datsyuk will no longer be a Detroit Red Wing, this much is certain. With a year left on his contract after this year at $7.5 million, the 37-year old is much closer to being at his end of the career than the start. 

Though he's still an exceptional player (putting up 48 points in 63 games this year, and first in the league in CF% amongst non-LA Kings forwards), Datsyuk may be in fact leaving the NHL as early as next season to return to play in his native Russia, as reported by Elliotte Friedman. Family reasons were cited as a major contributing factor for him wanting to leave. It's hard to fault a guy who's given his heart and soul to the organization as much as Datsyuk has for wanting to leave on his own terms, but the realities of him actually going are a little scary, for a number of reasons.

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